Sunday, April 25, 2010

Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, France!

Where did the last month go? I swear, I meant to blog more frequently.

In five days, we leave for France and there is still so much I have to do before we leave.

On the knitting front, I’ve gotten back to work on our friends’ baby blanket. No new photo to show of the blanket yet though. I have finished my daughter’s matching mittens to go with her hat. We’re happy. In other personal news, I got my tattoo on April 6. It's amazing how much bigger 3" seems when it's actually on your skin! It’s healing quite well and I’m ecstatic that I got it!
I’m sure I’ll have tons of pictures when I get back. I’m quite worried about how long it will take me to sort through it all - eek.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mega Milestone Year

Sorry I haven’t been blogging or blog reading in a while but there has been so much that has gone on since I last blogged and will be going on this year, I’ll have to give you the more interesting snippets in a nutshell; there’s just too much. I haven’t even been knitting as much as a result; something had to give. My compensation: improved health, reduced stress and ability to handle stressful situations SO MUCH better, an activity we can do as a family (my husband just joined us in family karate a couple of weeks ago), and improved self image. It hasn't been an all up year, I'm just not going to focus on the downs.

Friends’ Baby Blanket

Daughter’s Dragon Hat – (mitts to follow)
My husband and I are both turning 40.

It’s our 15th wedding anniversary on May 6th so we’re going to France the first two weeks in May. I’ll be leaving my children for the first time since they’ve been born. My husband’s father and step-mother have been kind enough to offer to come and stay with the kids. They really are wonderful people.

I got my yellow belt in karate! My grading was on January 29th. I will be getting a yellow dragon tattoo (my first ever). Yellow is for the belt and the dragon symbolizes Goju Ryu karate.

I’ve dropped yoga because of time constraints. Karate takes a decent amount of training time. And I’ve started kobudo; gee, do I love martial arts or what. That will definitely take me a lot longer to make progress in; working with weapons changes a lot. I do miss the benefits of yoga for my back. Karate just can’t do that for me, so I practice certain yoga stretches and home and that seems to work. Like I said, a milestone year.