Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Dragon Returneth

I caved and went yarn shopping for my son’s dragon hat and scarf. The yarn in my stash was either not the right colour or texture. At least I convinced him that his hat scarf should match his hat. My initial thought was to go for a lovely merino. I started phoning around to see what stores were carrying. On store was very helpful and suggested that maybe I would like to use an acrylic or acrylic blend because it was for a child and acrylic wouldn’t shrink in the wash. I knew then this was the store I had to go to; Main St. Yarns. I lucked out in that Friday night, they were participating in a special event with some other downtown Milton stores. They were open from 7-11 pm with specials on. I didn’t know how special till I got there; everything was 50% off. I was going to stick to my budget as I always do but my lovely husband convinced me that at 50%, I had to take advantage of the sale. Okay, so I exceeded my budget but under the sale circumstances, can I be blamed? I picked up some lovely yarn to do a stole from Louisa Harding’s Hummingbirds called Kohl Mexicana.

During the week, I was developing a balaclava pattern to use for my son’s dragon hat. I figured, it’s really not that much different from a sock. I did a small scale version with some yarn I had at home and was quite pleased with what I had come up with. The decreases I ended up working are different from what I would use for a sock but effective.

I then had to find a small doll to try this on. And thus it was that my daughter’s Princess Dora became Ninja Dora.

Here’s a bit of swatching I was doing as practice for the scarf. The yarn I’m using is from S.R. Kertzer and is called Northern. The mitred square is for dragon scales adn the in the round is for the balaclava.


Wannietta said...

'Ninja Dora' - that's hilarious!! I love the yarn and 50% off is totally a budget-blower.

busterwife said...

Hi Fran! i've been reading all your posts. i love all the pictures and stories... i feel like i get to experience the joy of it all without doing any of the work! ha ha! in case you didn't know, i'm not a big knitter... i always enjoyed crochet more since it's just plain faster. but i don't actually do much of that either. :-) although i did just complete my first quilt (a very girly one for my darling daughter). ahhhh... i should post pictures of that! : )

ooooh, the dragon is going to be so cute!

you can see my blog at (btw, i purposely don't post my name on-line for privacy reasons. so please don't mention my name if you ever comment on my site. thanks!)

Fran said...

Aaaaahhhhhhh! It's so great to hear from you! I'm overjoyed to find you again! I was wondering where you disappeared off to. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Incidentally, I've done some crocheting and quilting, too. So much has happened in the last couple of years, I couldn't even begin to tell you the sordid tale. The kids are so big. Romi has changed so much. I know what you mean about the privacy thing, that's why I'm not mentioning the hubby or kids names or even posting pictures of them (yet on the pictures). I will e-mail you pictures of my kids. Please stay in touch. :)