Sunday, June 8, 2008

Knit Purse Competition

Last week, I was distracted by bunnies. Not much knitting. Before I get into the knitting, I have to say that we saw Kung Fu Panda at the SilverCity Mississauga yesterday and it was AWESOME! We’re definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD.

I have started swatching for the purse. I have done a few different things because I’m using various different yarns with various different gauges so I plan to change needles when I change colours. I have mentioned before that the theme for the purse competition at Ruti’s Needlebed is “History Lives”. The one thing I’m not sure about is, does it have to be Streetsville’s history? Right now, my purse wouldn’t be. If it does have to be that, that certainly constrains the design a lot and I don’t think I could meet that design criteria. Oh well, we’ll see. Here’s the swatch.


busterwife said...

pretty cool. the blue sections at the bottom really look like waves in the ocean. was that your intention?

Fran said...

That is my intent. My hubby that the way I did the waves looks a bit too hackneyed so I do have another plan to make it look like real water which will be shown in an upcoming post.