Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crochet Garment Bag

Some years ago (less than 8; wish I could remember), I crocheted a garment bag for laundry purposes. I made it out of 100% cotton. Well, it finally died.

I thought, this time, I will make it out of a yarn and hope that lasts longer. I chose Baycrest 100% acrylic (manufactured for the Bay) because it’s synthetic, I’m not using it for anything else, and I have way too much of it. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this, it’s because my Mom bought a lot of it many, many, many years ago to make an afghan and abandoned the idea. So, as with a lot of things she no longer has any use for, it makes its way to me.

I picked up my 4.5 mm hook and my wonderful The Harmony Guide to Crocheting: Techniques and Stitches, and began searching for a motif for my garment bag. Whilst I was doing this, my daughter spotted a lovely orange star in the book which she asked me to make for her; I’m such a push-over. The motif I chose to begin my garment bag is the Cranesbill Lace Square.

My son liked the motif I made for my daughter, so naturally, he has to have a motif all his own. I promised him I would make him the motif of his choice, too, once I had my own square done. I guess that will have to wait till another blog.

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