Monday, August 4, 2008

Pyramid Construction Progressing

I love long week-ends. They enable me to do a blog on a Monday. As of the end of the day Friday, I’m officially on vacation for two weeks!

We had a nice picnic in Stratford with some shopping thrown in on Saturday. Next Saturday, we’ll be flying out to Alberta to visit the hubby’s family. We’ll probably end up visiting Banff, the Columbia Icefields, and the zoo, amongst other things.
Now, on to the purse. I have both the front and back done now. I am currently working on creating the bottom and sides. I ran out of the medium shade of blue that I used in the purse and only have the darkest and palest shade left. I have other blues in my bag of blues, but the textures are very different and I didn’t think they would work as well. So I’m trying to make do with what I have. I used an open cast on (a.ka. provisional cast on) with the darkest shade so I could just pick up the stitches on the other side and start knitting again. Instead of using a different yarn to hold the stitches and help me cast on, I used a stitch holder.

I was eventually planning on lining the purse and adding a zipper or two, but I don’t know if I can make it in time now. Oh well.

I have to figure out what knitting I will pack in the suitcase to take with me. Tough one; it has to be small, yet enough to keep me busy. The hubby’s family will probably keep us so busy, I won’t have time to pick up the needles (which is what usually happens on these types of family trips), but a week without yarn – unthinkable!


Shelley said...

Hello. I saw from your previous post that you have a pattern for the Cape Spear Coverlet, and I was wondering if you had any idea where I could purchase a copy? I searched on Ravelry, and I did a google search, but with no luck. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what she said too.

Fran said...

Hi Shelley and yarndork,

For information on where you can potentially get the Cape Spear Coverlet pattern, please see my blog dated August 8, 2008.

Thanks for reading!