Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rule Britannia

I’m making a baby blanket for my new nephew. My sister requested a St. George’s Cross surrounded by navy blue. Gotta love simple knitting!
I still haven’t quite figured out how I will do the navy blue background yet, but it will comprise approximately 2/3 of the total area of the blanket.

“Why?” one might ask, would my sister make such a request? Simple, my brother-in-law is from England; it's part of my nephew's heritage.


WWMummy said...

Baby Ciaran's going to love what his Aunt Fran's making him. His big sister Carys loved her sweater dress too!

Anonymous said...

That's really going to be smashing. I can't wait to see how you do the navy.

Fran said...

Thank you WWMummy and yarndork! I hope I live up to both your expectations.