Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moebius Scarf Complete

Here we have a very happy Dora wearing her new moebius scarf. I’m very pleased with the results.

I now find myself at that awful point at the intersection of EUPHORIA at the successful completion of a project and ANGST wondering what to do next. Hmm, is it time to start that cross-stitch project? Finish that first quilt I started 7 years ago? (I finished my second quilt in about a year and started my third quilt about 2.5 years ago) It’s not that I don’t have enough UFOs (unfinished objects) or backlog of projects I want to start, but they’re all pretty big and/or intense. Small quick projects would definitely give me better weekly blog material. And then there’s the designs I’m working on which means I’m not knitting the backlogged projects if I’m designing. Lastly, there’s the day job which pays the bills. If only I didn’t need to sleep; then maybe I could get things done in a decent amount of time.


busterwife said...

wow, Dora looks great! and even her pillow matches the scarf so nicely. :P

you know you have been totally inspiring me. i meant to blog about it but haven't taken the time yet... it might come soon. : ) i've been crocheting all kinds of stuff the past month. so fun! i hadn't touched yarn in over four years before this. : ) i think reading your blogs gave me the itch to get started again. thanks!

Fran said...

Thank you busterwife. I'm touched and so glad I've inspired you. :)