Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pink and Purple Monstrosity

I went back to one of my UFOs (unfinished objects). I dubbed it the Pink and Purple Monstrosity because it was to be a cacophony on oddballs of pink and purple yarns of various gauges and textures from my stash (okay, I went and bought a few more balls to aid the balance of colour)

shaped into a work of art. I love mitred squares!

Do you think Fran is really short for Frankenstein?

This project got started so I could use a new pair of pink, 5.5 mm, KNITLITE knitting needles I had received for Christmas from my mother-in-law. This was my experiment with knitting with pure feeling “free” from thought, patterns, and gauge considerations. Okay, so it wasn’t totally “free” because the anal, planning engineer that I am couldn’t let go of her controlling tendencies and went and bought more yarn to balance colour. It was initially supposed to be a shawl for me but the kids have convinced me that we need it as an afghan more; they love to snuggle up to it.


busterwife said...

wow! ha ha ha!! that certainly is a "monstrosity". i love it! i so want to do something crazy like that. so much character... i love all the eyelash yarns, i can see why the kids are enjoying it.

so was it fun to knit with lights?

Fran said...

Yes, it is fun! Too bad you can't see the sparkly yarns in there. I'll post another picture when I get further along.