Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stake Anyone?

The garden is coming along quite nicely. It was a very rainy week so the garden was happy. I didn’t think it had grown much height wise but boy was I wrong when I went to out to take a closer look. They had just grown along the ground and everything is flowering so I should have some nice veggies pretty soon. My son’s first green bean plant already has 5 beans on it. It seems the marigolds are working for keeping the pests away. Rush visit to Canadian Tire to get some stakes. And voilà!
I don’t think I’ve seen my lavender so lavenderAnd a little unexpected surprise. I've never had a plant growing in a downspout before.
The sweater’s coming along nicely, too. It’s been pretty plain stocking stitch up until now.


Tekgirl said...

I am so jealous with how good your vegetable patch is looking at the moment. I have patch envy- mines nowhere near as good nor are my veggies as far along as yours. Oh and way to go on the knitting :D

Wannietta said...

The garden looks great! We had awesome gardens when I was little but I seem to have lost whatever green skills I may have had; my humble attempts at gardening now are epic FAIL!!!

Domie's Mom said...

Your Garden is coming along famously.

The plant in the ease troff gave me a chuckle:)

Karen said...

Found your blog on Ravelry! Yep, I'm knitting a loooong stocking-stitch sweater for my son. These things are worth it in the end but a little tedious in the doing. Loved the pictures of your garden!