Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day at the Zoo, and Knitting Too

My Dad won a special Father’s Day Package for the Metro Toronto Zoo by listening to CHFI FM98.1. It was for him and three other guests. Being the person he is, he thought his grand-kids would love to go, and since my Mother wasn’t particularly interested, he gave the whole package to us. It entitled us to a barbeque lunch in a special area with other winners of the draw. There were buskers and a special animal visitor. We also got free parking, free entry to the zoo, free zoo-rail pass for the day, and free face painting the kids (or adults if you wished). What a great way to spend Father’s Day!

Peacock in Tree
Giraffes - always a favouriteJellyfish – Believe it or notKangaroos and Wallabies – Oh MyI’m now doing my Mother a favour. Over a year ago, she bought some Sirdar Snuggly yarn and a pattern book to make my other niece a sweater. She hasn’t touched it because the yarn, in her opinion, is expensive and she’s too afraid of screwing up. So she’s asked me to do the knitting. I wasn’t going to accept any requests from other family members for a while and REALLY FOCUS on finishing some of my existing UFO’s, but I thought, if I didn’t do it now, there wouldn’t be enough yarn to knit my niece a sweater later. After all, it’s already been over a year. By my standards, the pattern is a simple one but my Mother was still intimidated by it. I don’t get it; she used to knit cables when we were kids. It looks simple now; the cabling only comes in the upper bodice area and there’s really not much of it. You’ll see as I go along.


Wannietta said...

You don't tell your mom how much you spend on yarn, do you? LOL

Fran said...

Ha ha ha! You're absolutely right. I think she might pass out if I did.

Tekgirl said...

Yay for a zoo visit (I love going to the zoo) but a special yay for you being marvelous and taking on a project for your mum :)

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

I love that yarn...and you're a good daughter to help. Thanks for sharing your zoo picks!

Hannah said...

Hi Fran, thanks for visiting my blog, looks like you had a lovely day at the zoo, love the photo of the jellyfish :)

Bhavna said...

Wow, I loved the pictures.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to read comments on the posts.

To 'meet' a fellow knitter/engineer is great, makes me feel normal!

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog- The zoo is such a great place.
Maybe your Mom just likes your knitting?