Sunday, June 7, 2009

Knitting Accomplished! And new shoes, too.

I finished my niece’s sweater but I still need to put buttons on it. I still have to go buy buttons. Here’s a picture anyways; I couldn’t help myself.

I also bought shoes today! I only went to buy one black pair to go with my suit. Instead, I bought three. The additional two pairs were on sale! I couldn’t pass that up. They were just too good to resist. Can you believe that the shoe sizes from left to right in the picture below are 9, 8.5, and 8? And they all fit perfectly.
I didn’t want to want to buy anything too plain even if it was for a business suit; that just wouldn’t be me. So, I got the black shoes with gold heels and little studs. I purchased them at NINE WEST which seems to be the only place I can find heels that are actually comfortable.

The other two pairs came from STYLESENSE and are just all out funky; very me. The lavender floral shoes are so cute and comfy and way too pretty. Just look at the underside of the shoe.
It’s as pretty as the inside. I don’t want to walk on them because they’re so pretty. Well, I’m sure I can find a way to convince myself.


Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

The sweater looks so great! Wonderful job!

Domie's Mom said...

Oh your sweater is awesome and your shoes have me salivating!

Good job.

bev said...

The niece is lucky. Great sweater. And did you know that Imelda Marcos began her foray into huge shoe closets just the way you are - 1 or 2 pairs on sale and an extra cuz that is what she went out for. You could be making history!

Lupie said...

The sweater came out great and I can't wait to see the button you pick.
OMG the shoes are awesome!!!!

Megan said...

Great job on the sweater, you could use lots of different buttons for that.

And I love the floral print shoes- too cute!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater!

BeadKnitter said...

You did a beautiful job on the sweater. It is the awesome.

WWMummy said...

Neat sweater - niece sweaters are the best!
I LOVE the black and metallic shoes!

Bhavna said...

That's one beautiful sweater.